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WARNING: New Public Awareness Initiative Highlights Chronic Overpayment of Taxes By Local, Hard-working Taxpayers
We Are Informing Local Residents of Valuable and Often-Missed Tax-Saving Credits

Thousands of local taxpayers have no idea that over-payment of taxes is a huge national problem (at least from the citizen’s perspective!). In fact, according to a report issued by the General Accounting Office, taxpayers overpay the IRS almost $950 million every year, which equates to an average overpayment of $400 per taxpayer.

“Hard-working families could benefit from an additional $400 in their pocket.” “We want to help people reclaim the money which they are due. If just 2,500 local families were to reclaim their lost money, that would be over $1 million which could be spent in local businesses and restaurants.”

For Independent Contractors and Business Owners one of the most frequently missed tax benefits is the in-home office this credit also allows you to use commuting miles as business miles in most cases. You are now traveling from your Administrative Office to a business location. Have you ever be self-employment tax and how high the rate is. How about switching from a Sole Proprietor/Single-Member LLC to becoming a S-Corp. you will no longer pay self-employment tax.

For taxpayers who believe they are eligible for one or more of these credits for previous tax years, the Internal Revenue Service allows taxpayers to file amended returns originally filed within the last three years. Hewitt Services will donate the time of one of the company’s tax professionals who will review prior tax returns for FREE to make sure no deductions were overlooked, credits were missed and the tax has been calculated correctly. 

Only if the taxpayer chooses to have an amended return prepared and filed, will Hewitt Services charge a fee.  Industry statistics indicated that taxpayers who file amended returns in recent years received an average refund of $1,500.

For further information about this growing local problem, taxpayers can contact us at or call us At 972-591-0008.

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